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Refugee Relief

Thousands of desperate refugees need your HELP now! The refugee crisis isn’t over!


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Reaching the Refugees with the Love of Christ

Millions in the Middle East have been forced to uproot their lives, leaving behind everything safe and familiar. In search of peace, masses of people are fleeing areas of terror where religious extremist groups are committing mass public executions and torture and using chemical weapons.



Bulgaria became a member of the European Union in 2007. Geographically, it shares a border with Turkey and serves as the land connection between the Middle East and the European Union, making Bulgaria the first point of entry by road for refugees escaping into Europe.

Refugees from many nations become detainees in camps which have popped up all over the country. The crisis is real in Bulgaria as this massive wave of humanity reaches its borders.



Over 50% of the refugees coming into Serbia are escaping persecution, oppression, and fear in countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. Hoping for a new life, they arrive in Serbia, thankful to simply be alive. Yet, when they arrive they are disappointed as the government in Serbia is poor and unable to meet the overwhelming needs they come with. Upon their arrival, the living conditions are anything but comfortable. Many spend every penny they have traveling and arrive with no food or supplies, not many skills, and unable to communicate in the Serbian language. Refugees stay at one of the 15 camps set up to house refugees coming into the country. With one room per 3 families at times, the conditions are almost unbearable!

A Refugee Outreach is Born: The Ali Dini Story

Ali is a former Muslim from Iran. As a young man, he was an army ambulance driver during the Holy War between Iraq and Iran. The horrors of war left him hopeless. For years, Ali was deeply involved in the criminal underworld, operating from the Middle East to England. Eventually, he was caught, convicted, and imprisoned in Bulgaria. That’s when his life changed through an encounter with Jesus!

Today, Ali leads outreach teams visiting refugee camps to bring meals, humanitarian relief, and Bibles to many people. Most importantly, he introduces them to the Gospel.

Currently, Bridge of Intersection is reaching refugees by partnering with Ali Dini and local ministry teams. Ali’s amazing story is now available in English for purchase.

Conditions in Refugee Camps

Many refugees arrive with only one backpack and no means to provide for themselves. They are directed to the refugee camps in Bulgaria by border police where they await legal documents necessary to journey onward to Western Europe. This can mean weeks, months, even years of waiting in desperate, deplorable, prison-like conditions.

Our Response

Daily, our partner ministry teams are organized to reach out to thousands of refugees in Bulgaria with the unconditional love of Christ.

Hot Meals

Hot meals save lives! Bulgarian refugee camps are where thousands of refugees...

Children’s Relief

Babies and little children in the camps are severely affected by the lack of basic necessities.

Humanitarian Help

Many refugees arrive in Bulgaria with only a single backpack.


Thousands of Bibles are distributed among the refugees in their native

There is an opportunity that we may never have again! We need to seize the moment!

The time to get involved is NOW!