What we do


Elevated TV

Coming Spring 2020 on the Preach the Word Network, Elevated TV is a weekly program hosted by Arman and Petya Lalane.

Being ELEVATED in Christ means you have the power of God within you to walk in freedom and fulfillment. Elevated TV equips believers to rise up to their full potential by discovering and growing in their identity and calling. Elevated believers accomplish their destiny by expanding His Kingdom here on earth.


Personal Transformation

Gate to Freedom counseling and coaching brings wholeness, restoration, and empowerment to individuals and families, making a long lasting impact on future generations. The goal is to bring every person to a place of restoration and peace with himself, others, and God, and find true understanding of their unique creation, calling and purpose.


Higher Dimension Academy

The Higher Dimension Academy is an international school for applied ministry in Eastern Europe. In this 2-year program our students are equipped by global transformational leaders to discover their identity and function in their ministry gifts and five fold calling, so they can bring lasting transformation to their sphere of influence.



The refugee crisis in the Middle East is not over and many families are still displaced in camps throughout Eastern Europe. To help meet the need in Bulgaria and Serbia, mInistry teams provide humanitarian help by distributing hot meals, basic necessities, and sharing the good news of the gospel.