Personal Stories

Every refugee has a unique and heartbreaking story. Many left everything familiar behind to start a journey in search of a better life, hope, and freedom. They already started questioning their original beliefs as well as the governing system of their countries. When they witness sincere love and acceptance, they are quite open to embrace a new life in Christ. Here are some of their personal stories.

Making Disciples, One at a Time!

Months later at the Bulgarian border, he joined the destiny of many other refugees. He got arrested and detained in a prison-like camp with no connection to the outside world for a year. Since he had nothing better to do, A.R. attended camp church services led by outreach leaders Ali Dini and Pastor Ivodor Kovachev because it was available entertainment during the long days of imprisonment. The word of God started taking root as A.R. began reading the Farsi Bible given to him. For the first time, he realized that a personal relationship with the living God is possible through Jesus Christ. Hope, freedom, and peace flooded his heart. His life changed forever! A.R.’s life changed forever! Recently released from camp, A.R. is currently being discipled to join the outreach team and serve the refugee camps. When he shared his new faith with his family, all of them accepted Christ. Online, they are taking discipleship courses as well.

Today there is opportunity we may never have again! We need to seize the moment!