Ali the Immortal


by Alexander Urumov

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Ali the Immortal earned his nickname in the bloody Iran-Iraq War. As an Iranian soldier, he miraculously survived unscathed every time from the fierce battlefield where hundreds died around him. Disillusioned with his Islamic faith, Ali became a hardened criminal and got involved with drug trafficking, gangs and murder which eventually led to his escape to Europe. Ali the Immortal became notorious in the criminal underworld in Europe where he was convicted of many crimes including assault and attempted murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and armed robbery. Spending some 14 of the last 20 years of his life in dark Bulgarian prisons, four in solitary confinement, Ali at last came across a Bible written in his native language of Farsi. A new faith in the one true God would emerge in this encounter with the person of Jesus Christ changing Ali’s life forever. Ali today tirelessly serves the poor in the refugee camps of Bulgaria as a committed missionary for Christ.